Hello Friends - I am Melissa Watson, Residence Manager at The Madison.

If you are looking for a new home and family for yourself or a loved one, I'd love to show you around! When you first come to The Madison, you will receive a welcome like never before! The hospitality of country folks is like no other. I will try to put into words the story of this little country place that has such a big heart.

Most folks are surprised when they walk in our front door. "Not what I expected" is usually the comment. Our building is designed and decorated like a comfortable home, not a hospital. The folks living here have hired us to take care of them. We cook, clean, do laundry and take care of any of their personal care needs. They set the rules of the house and we follow them. We try to accommodate our residents’ every request. In return, we get to spend our work day with some of the finest people in Madison County.